SoundSwitch 6.1.3

SoundSwitch 6.1.3 is a small and simple Windows utility that facilitates switching between the playback devices connected to your system. The tool allows you to easily select the preferred sound card by pressing the specified hotkey combination. You Can Directly Download From our Site

With the combined and the first set of audio mixer sets, you can switch between your favorite paper soundtrack and use the one you need to use in the particular second. SoundSwitch is easy to design; you have to right click on the systray picture to open the status. From there, you can choose your favorite Whenever you are satisfied, you will walk quietly behind the scenes.

Each computer supports a number of sound cards or transfer applications. You generally have settings to switch between existing applications, and then physically select another option. Add a small application SoundSwitch 6.1.3 is a useful round key that allows you to change the player application with a simple management method.

SoundSwitch 6.1.3 runs behind the scenes and just requires a speedy setup to get fully operational. You basically right-click on the symbol in the framework plate to open the settings window. This permits you to arrange the hotkey.

What’s more, you can likewise deselect the gadgets which you don’t wish to use, to be sure that the gadgets you switch between are the proper ones you need SoundSwitch naturally recognizes the accessible sound cards). Upheld sound cards incorporate computerized sound, earphones or inside playback gadgets.

In general, SoundSwitch 6.1.3 is a lightweight, basic Windows utility, which permits you to switch between the playback gadgets that are associated with your framework. With SoundSwitch 6.1.3 you can undoubtedly choose the favored sound card basically by squeezing a pre-indicated hotkey blend, without going through framework settings.

SoundSwitch 6.1.3 History:

SoundSwitch was a simple tool first created by Jeroen Pelgrims. In it first version, it was using another CLI to switch the audio device and you needed to set the order of the device.

In 2015, Antoine Aflalo asked to take the development further. The first part was to create a library dedicated to the Audio Switching. Once done, it has been incorporated to SoundSwitch.

SoundSwitch is the work of multiple developers throughout multiple years.


  • Simplify your lighting setup
  • Dedicated USB to DMX XLR interface for sound switch lighting software with support of one DMX Universe
  • Go anywhere essential
  • Ultra compact form factor with blue LED connection status indicator
  • Custom design uniquely tailored displays or let the software do the work via the automation features or pre-built lighting scenes
  • Supports all leading DJ software and hardware
  • Connect seamlessly with Engine Prime StageLINQ
  • (Prime 4, SC5000/M, x1800), Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ and Ableton Link

Version Info:

Latest version:      6.1.3
File name:            SoundSwitch_v6.1.3_Release_Installer.exe
MD5 checksum:  C676CF0E63701B4E9A2CA9F211142AE6
File size:                47.57 MB
License:                  Free
Supported OS:      Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Author:                  Jeroen Pelgrims
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