Download Very Simple Ads Monetization & Mediation [UA]

Very Simple Ads Monetization Unity asset full download is the best unity asset available right now for integrating Admob in the asset store.

Very Simple Ads allows you to add Ads and also In app purchase to your Unity game without any unity admob tutorial or any monetization strategy or an admob mediation.

Users can monetize their games from now very quickly, also they can just add the admob banner id , and also interstitial id and also Video rewarded id.

This unity package is well documented and compatible with Unity 5.

Admob Network, Adclony network, and also Charboost and some third-party ad networks are included in Very Simple Ads Monetization, so it will help you maximize your earning, and also fill rate and increase your monetization.

Very Simple Ads sends ad requests to multiple networks. To make sure that you will find the best available network to serve ads.

Very Simple Ads Monetization Features:

  • There is No coding you don’t have to right C# and JavaScript scripts to make Ads working.
  • Everything is setup for you before, there is also some
  • All the Ads network are free to use.
  • Mediation system is complete and powerful
  • Monetize your Android or IOS game very easily
  • Large list ads: you can choose a banner or an interstitial or even a rewarded video.
  • Very Simple Ads Monetization is a good choice for game developers who wants to speed up the process of game making.
  • Full and also direct download, there is no boring ads or any redirects.

The packages includes?

  • A complete PDF documentation who will lead you , teach you how to add Ads to your android or IOS game.
  • 3 Examples scenes.
  • Banners, interstitial and also rewarded videos are exported as prefabs.
  • A bunch of scripts well commented, written in C# and also in JavaScript.

How to use it ?

  1. First of all extract the winrar file.
  2. Drag and also drop the package in unity editor
  3. Have fun, and also don’t forget to support us.

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