Download Restaurant Cooking Starter Kit full Unity asset

Restaurant cooking starter kit is a fantastic complete Unity project. Restaurant cooking starter kit will help you to build you next cooking game easily without any coding or any programming skills.

Everything is ready for you, you don’t even need to use Photoshop or Autodesk product to reskin this game. A complete documentation is included with the package explaining how to add customers, modify them and also how to change them.

Gradients can also be changed and modified you have just to follow the documentation to see how you can do it.

Restaurant cooking package starter kit is an easy starter pack to use and to learn how to build tycoon games project so you can easily speed up your prototypes and your gaming process.

This Starter Kit and can be used to developed special food games and also as a solid base for next development and experiments.

Restaurant cooking starter kit download features:

  • A complete Unity project suitable for all people with every skill level.
  • Costs 25$ on the asset store, link :  Here, free on finalfullversion
  • Ready for release for multiple platforms such as : Android, IOS, and also standalone.
  • You can Play the demo for android and Web player here: Android APK | WebPlayer
  • Nice Looking menu using the last Unity UI update.
  • Add as much customers and gradients as you like (the choice is unlimited)
  • The game is Responsive (Mobile Friendly)
  • Ready to reskin and also Re-master
  • It works with all Unity version, also it doesn’t need any 3rd party tools.

Package Contains :

  • One single Scene, and also a bunch of folders and sub-folders.
  • A full Documentation
  • And a lot more to discover on this awesome unity package


Title : Restaurant Cooking Starter Kit full download [UA]
Manufacturer: Finalboss – Asset store
size: 12.4 MB

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