Parallels Desktop MacOSX Final Version

Download Parallels Desktop Full Free Cracked. An advanced software designed to run all windows applications on your Mac laptop without any reboot. Parallels Desktop Direct download link offers the ability to use Windows applications on your Mac OS X and run them with ease. Moreover, you can switch switch your Mac into windows and use its applications faster, easier and smoother. This powerful software is the only world wide solution used by Most Mac OS X users. Now, you can run windows files, applications, folders and many more data on your Mac laptop faster and easier.

Additionally, you can also run windows operating systems including Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows 8.1 on your mac with ease. You can also run many famous applications such as Media player, Winrar, Eset NOD antivirus…etc. In addition to using windows browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome…etc. Parallels Desktop Free direct download link is a powerful Mac OSX tool designed to run almost all windows data on Mac Laptops easier, faster and smoother.

Parallels Desktop MacOSX Features:

Parallels Desktop 10 Final Release is the most MacOSX powerful tool to run windows operating systems, applications, files, data on Mac OSX devices with ease. Many applications are available on windows and not on Mac. Now, Mac OSX users are able to use these applications on their Mac OSX devices. What makes Parallels Desktop 10 Cracked download the best, is that it offers an advanced OS X gesture tools. Is also allows you to run all the most demanding applications with ease.

The way the program works is easier than what they can imagine. Besides, all what they have to do is to drag and drop data between windows and Mac OSX devices. Parallels Desktop 10 Free download provides an intuitive interface for easy use. The software brings out many enhanced features to find out:

– support for 16VCPUs and 64 GB of RAM.
– Intuitive interface.
– Drag and drop applications, files, operating systems, tools, deocuments, folder between Mac and Windows with ease.
– Works faster and easier than any other tool.
– Easy use and simple controls.
– Run Both windows apps in both sides with ease.
– Ensure the full security while transferring data.

What’s new in this version:

– Battery Life – Now extended by up to 30%!
– Windows Documents – Now open 48% faster!
– Real-time virtual disk optimization – Your virtual disk is automatically compacted while you work, so it takes only as much space on your hard disk as it really needs.
– Mac native Special Characters – Insert OS X Special Characters like emoji, math symbols, currency signs and more can be inserted into Windows programs from the Edit menu.
– Windows apps added to Launchpad – As you install Windows apps, we automatically add them to Launchpad.


– Click to Call – Right click on a phone number in Outlook or Internet Explorer to place a call with your iPhone.
– Mac Memory Management – Virtual machines use 10% less Mac memory!
– Yosemite in a Virtual Machine – Run OS X Yosemite as a guest with ease.
– 1-click tuning – One click and we will automatically set your virtual machine settings for optimal performance based on what you do most.
– Mac native “Share” from Windows – “Share” files, text or web-pages from Windows using Internet accounts configured on your Mac. Post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., send via email, AirDrop, and Messages.
– Launchpad for Windows 8.1 – We’ve even made the Windows 8.1 Start Screen work like OS X Launchpad.
– Mac native “Save to” in Windows – “Save as” in Microsoft Office 2013 applications to Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive (when Yosemite is available) if they are set up on your Mac.

How to download Parallels Desktop MacOSX Free Final Version:

1- First of all, click on the direct download link below.
2- Then, download Parallels Desktop MacOSX Full Patched directly from our server izofile.
3- Also, run the software setup to install.
4- Finally, enjoy Parallels Desktop MacOSX Free direct download link.


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