Download Nano Ninja Run full Unity asset Free

Nano Ninja Run download full unity asset is here today on izofile under Unity asset Category. Nano Ninja Run is a Unity complete project that will cost you 100$, but you will get it for free with us.

Ninja running games nowadays is under presser and also the most people who has mobile phones especially who works with Android love playing games while they are waiting … etc.

Ninja Nano Run is developed and published by Ace, it is also bought 100 times and he has 17 positive ratings in the asset store.

Nano Ninja Run Features:

  • Complete Unity project ready to release for Iphone and Android devices.
  • Well documented Unity package
  • Multiple platform build: you can build nano speed game for unity web player, Standalone, and also mobile devices.
  • Compatible With Unity 3D Engine 5
  • Best template to learn how to make a 3D runner game such as Subway surfers.
  • High professional User interface.
  • The last Unity UI is used in this template and you can modify them, add your own logos, and also icon as much as you like.
  • Some videos are included in the package to help you figure out the project
  • And also full documentation
  • Nice and clean C# Scripts, also they are all commented line by the line

Ninja Run includes:

  • The asset contains folders and sub folder, every folder is organize
  • This complete project is not for newbies but it expects you to be familiar with C# programming language and the new UI system, Unity editor understating is mandatory.
  • 4 Examples scene you can also modify them as much as you like
  • The package includes also some meshes and high quality textures
  • 5 Audio Effects (No need for copyrights, also free sounds)
  • Responsive layout, the game can fit any screen resolution
Title : Download Nano Ninja Run full Unity asset
Manufacturer: ACE
Category Unity asset
size: 49.7 MB

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