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Mindomo Desktop 2021 is a free psychological map programming for Windows PCs that integrates seamlessly editing and collaboration activities. Programming is easy to use, freely planned, highly synchronized and useful. In addition, if you’re looking for a comprehensive brain mapping experience. The Mindomo desktop 2021 includes web and a variety of syncs. Free Brain Mapping Programming that lets you create local mind guides and maps of ideas and transfer them online for easy sharing. You are a mark away from matching your separate and online brain maps. This indicates that you can transfer brain traces in your area to the cloud and pass them on to others. Windows, Mac OS and Linux: Mindmap software is very easy to use, there is an urgent need for all frameworks.

Brain maps are materials to help you explain your innovative thinking. Visualizing with Mindomo is more useful on the grounds that you can quickly gather ideas. Focus on central ideas, and make them intuitive to form important associations. Making your own decisions is a great way to put together more than just books and articles. When you focus on getting to know the basic ideas and the connections between them, you build up a permanent memory of what you’re using. Psychological planning with the product is an easy way to create a project outline. You begin by describing your primary goals, then, for now, the job requirements, clear guidelines, partner criticism, and the need for approval. Taking notes with MindMap programming is a lot easier.

The device helps you neutralize the motives behind your gathering, turning everything into an essential branch of the project. As the compilation progresses, you can add the main issues (downtimes, KPIs, cost plans, etc.) as child branches without any stress. Psychological maps generated by programming help you visualize and narrow down your opportunities. It is important to have the option to see everything in one place, from the order of selection to arrangements and assets. Also, it is very easy to keep your group in complete agreement with you. Mind planning can help you think more about your life. Explain your goals and challenges, and identify tasks that will move you forward. This is where you can really express your life purpose with color and images.

EEG is a straightforward way of plotting a diagram of data, rather than writing it in sentences. The drawings continually provide a basic tree like arrangement, with an initial stage of isolation in the middle. A tree consists of words or short sentences containing lines. The lines that connect the words are important.





  • Brain planning made simple Make new air pockets by utilizing console alternate routes, pick map subjects and pictures from predefined displays.
  • improve everything with intuitive, then, at that point, save your guide in the ideal configuration.
  • Idea planning usefulness Assemble maps that have an adaptable construction, names on the interfacing lines, and numerous associations between points.
  • Diagram creation Make traces without any preparation or change from a psyche map view to a framework see with only a single tick.
  • Undertaking the executives with mind maps Make task guides to coordinate and screen your work simple to redesign task records.
  • various leveled outline, cutoff time component, and some more.
  • Distributing maps on the web With the ‘Sync and Save’ usefulness, you can transfer nearby guides online for simple sharing.
  • Full import and commodity usefulness Import and commodity maps as MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind, Bubbl.
  • Us, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Text, OPML, MPX, HTML, ZIP, PNG, XLS records. 
  • Transforming maps into introductions Utilize the ‘Moderator’ usefulness to grandstand your work and transform your guide into a show.
  • High-constancy PDF trade Convert your guides to PDF with the most extensive level of accuracy.
  • Amendment history ‘View changes for map’ will show you the psyche map creation measure, each progression at a time.
  • Looking for web pictures and recordings Quest for pictures and recordings on the web, YouTube, and Vimeo and add them to your psyche maps.
  • Hyperlinks and connections Duplicate glue web URLs and connect documents from your PC to your guides.
  • Adjustable guide subjects Make up to 6 custom guide subjects that you can apply to any of your new brain maps.
  • Text organizing Style the text in a subject by changing its tone, text dimension, and family, or making it strong, italic, underline, or strikethrough.


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