Download Infinite Platform Hopper Game (UA)

Infinite Platform Hopper Game full download is a fun and a fantastic opportunity for every game developer using Unity3d to develop it’s skills and information in 2D world. Infinite Platform Hopper Game download is another awesome complete project developed and published by Puppeteer in the asset store.

Infinite Platform Hopper Game costs 20$ link here, but you get it for free to download in your favorite unity asset finalfullversion in the unity asset category.

Tiki tiki hop Game is a complete Unity template ready for release, and also compatible with the most powerful platforms such as Standalone (Windows, Mac, also Linux), and also Android, and IOS.

How to Play Tiki tiki hop?

If you are using Pc, mac, or linux hold the mouse button down to charge up by your power, release it to make a powerful jump, also be careful to not full down, then try to land as close possible to the center of the column to get poinsettia and bonus.

Infinite Platform Hopper Game Features: 

  • Game scripts is available in C# and Java script.
  • There is not problem with copyright, sounds are free to use.
  • Kevin MacLeod is the producer of this gorgeous free music background
  •  Credits go to these authors for their great sound samples: tristan, issalcake, adam-n, fins, freefire66, blukotek
  • You can test a simple reskined game designed  by me using this Unity asset on google play: Jumper Adventure.

What’s in the package:

  • The package is complete and full of fun, also it is well organized
  • it has 2 main folders the C# folder and also JavaScript folder
  • Plenty of animations
  • High professional canvas(UI) exported as prefabs
  • 4 main Unity scenes
  • Well commented C# and JS scripts
  • Bunch of fonts, textures and also sounds.
  • Full Unity asset complete project ready to download.


Title : Download Infinite Platform Hopper Game (UA)
Manufacturer: Puppeteer
size: 8.30 Mb

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