Don’t Fall full unity asset – [complete project]

Dont Fall is an awesome unity complete project ready to release for multiple platforms. Don’t Fall is a paid template on the asset store, also it will cost you 4.99$ but you will download it for free in izofile. Dont Fall is developed and published by App Advisory team.

Don’t Fall template is ready for release in any market and for every platform such as Google play, Apple store, Android, also IOS, WebGl, and also Standalone.

Dont Fall is built especially for mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, and also Windows Mobile) to inspire game developer to create addictive games and fun games.

Download Dont Fall unity asset and benefit from time and scripting.

Don’t Fall Key Features:

  • Highly addictive game ready to release on the game market
  • Fast game play
  • Users can also add any Ads network such as admob, adclony, and also Startup etc.
  • Another Crazy fun color matching game skill
  • Test your reactions time and reflexes playing Dont Fall Unity asset
  • Very easy to play
  • Improve your reactions time for free
  • Improve your reflexes
  • Full documentation
  • Ready to reskin
  • Nice and clean coding
  • Scripts are written very well and also all of them are well commented
  • An Effective way to learn

How to Play Don’t Fall:

  1. Use your fingers to tap right or left to move the line
  2. You have to match colors to earn points
  3. Incorrect matching will affect your score and you will lose

Dont Fall package includes:

  • The Full game as a scene already added to build settings
  • Mobile Input Touch controller
  • A Controller mouse input also for Standalone platforms (mac and also Windows) and also web
  • Users have the ability to change two main colors in the director panel
  • Share buttons score for Facebook, twitter, and also google plus.
Title : Download Dont Fall full unity asset
Manufacturer: App Advisory, Asset store
size: 6.83 Mb


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