ChordPulse 2.6 Full Version Free Download

Chordpulse Full Version is a great tool for songwriters and musicians who wants to practice Vocal training. The Software offers a complete environment for users to create vocal, write songs and creating music.

Chordu download is used mostly as a backup in karaoke, making it easy for users to play chords in so many ways and styles. If you do Guitar, the program has a tuning guitar, in addition it has metronome, so don’t worry you well been equipped With Guitar tools.

The program is very tiny and it doesn’t require any special Pc capabilities, not like any other software like Mixcraft Dj or Serato Dj.

Another great thing about Chordpulse vst is that it includes a drum machine with bass, and it offers so many music genders such as Jazz, Rock, Pop and so on and so forth.

Chordpulse Full Version Features :

  • practice Vocal training, Songwriting in a tiny program.
  • The ability to change music styles, bass and temp.
  • Includes so many Chord types.
  • Offers a tuning guitar and a Metronome with bass.
  • Users has a unlimited loop possibilties.
  • So many music styles, such as Jazz, Rock, and more.
  • Export your tracks to MIDI and MP3.

How To install :

password =

  1. Unpack the software using password
  2. Run setup to install
  3. That’s it, enjoy Chordu download.

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