AUTODATA 3.45 Free Download

Autodata free download is a great windows software that will help you analyse and diagnose your car. The software is used by millions of mechanical engineers and technicians due to it’s workflow and complete environment.

The application provide full details of any car by doing a complete car autopsy, and it shows problems and it finally provides solutions.

Autodata free download offers so much opportunities and features, it’s user interface helps users navigate and find tools very quickly. In addition it has some tools that analyses each car part one by one, per example the petrol injection, air conditioning, lights, and so much more.

The program gives users the ability to create different car parts diagrams in order to take a deep lock of the car structure.

Autodata free download
Autodata free download
Autodata free download

Autodata free download Features :

The software provides a complete analyses and it describes every physical component by providing the component car name + description.

In addition it has an alphabetic ordering of car’s parts, Moreover it supports 36000+ vehicles and automobiles.

  • Autodata 2020 free download supports all car brands
  • Intuitive interface which makes it easy for beginners.
  • Lots of tools each to analyse problems and help fix them.
  • it provides Advanced information system to fix [Air bags, Motors, wiring diagrams, air conditioners…etc].
  • The ability to generate different diagrams for each car component for a better understanding of the problem.
  • Complete structure and working of petrol injection system
  • Provide fixing tools and info.

Is there any equivalent software like the AutoData but for motorbikes?

You don’t have to look up for any other software, Autodata free download is used for cars and also motorbikes. It offers a complete environment to analyse cars and also motorbikes.

How to Install AUTODATA 3.45:

 password =
  1. Extract the rar file using password.
  2. Run “Install_x86” or “Install_x64” depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit).
  3. Follow on console screen messages and wait for the installation to complete
  4. Follow How to install Text file.
  5. Enjoy Autodata googledrive

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