Ashampoo Privacy Protector 2015 1.0.2 Incl Crack

ashampoo privacy protector 2015 crack v1.0.2.68 is an Essential privacy protector for windows 10. Build to allow users secure their privacy from hackers and also spammers. Protect your personal information on Internet while you are surfing by using the most advanced adguard, and also antispy technology. Without using any software to hide your IP ashampoo privacy protector 2015 crack is a complete environment containing antisepsis, anti-keyloger and also more tools to protect your privacy.

Sometime while we are visiting websites, forums and also communities, we get our personnel information exposed to public (IP adress, name, place etc). Some website use to warn it’s users by telling them they use cookies. But without staying in this loop of insincerity ashampoo privacy protector free download guarantees your security.

Don’t bother yourself anymore with Botnet, scam websites, N-jrat Servers, because of this privacy  software download got it now.

The main function of this windows application, is to clean everything that might lead to data leak, beside that it removes: your memory cache, the cookies, your browser history, the data that has been stored on your browser search queries, recent opened documents.

Ashampoo privacy protector 2015 serial key Features :


Ashampoo privacy protector 2015 crack keygen download has also the ability to scan hidden folders on your hard disk. Once you installed it the software, It performs a complete analysis and a deep search to find privacy problems.

In addition to all of that the program has a unique encryption algorithm AES-256 to help users easily encode any files and directories they want. The folders and also directories can be encrypted with a strong password or by using a USB devise.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.0.2 crack has a lot of features and tools :

  • It can clean your tracks and also protect your privacy
  • No more Spam
  • Works perfectly with any Antivirus security installed in your machine
  • And also more to discover.

How to install it :

  1. First of all Run “ashampoo_privacy_protector_e1.0.2.exe” to install the program
  2. Close the software completely
  3. copy “ash_inet2.dll” from the crack folder and paste it in the installation directory and confirm replacement of the original file.
  4. Have fun using Ashampoo Privacy Protector 1.0.2 Full free download


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