Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6.1 Full version + Crack

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6.1 Full version + Crack latest release version is available now with direct download in our website Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6 Cracked is an easy-to-use 3D planning software which allows you to create all types of building designs with great detail and easily. The software is designed to be usable by all people, no need at all levels of experience to be able to use this 3D tool. Ashampoo Home Designer is a powerful program, through which it is possible to create projects, taking into account the necessary basics, such as dimensioning and also arranging walls or windows, interior equipment.

 Ashampoo Home Designer  and  Plan, model and design your dream home also. Furthermore, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6 has everything you need to plan, design and preview your dream house in 3D. Smart wizards facilitate data input and get you good results quickly. Create professional-grade blueprints and be your own constructor right on your PC. All you need is imagination how the building will be designed. Moreover, it does not require the full accuracy in making the design of an object, just specify the object size, choose the desired object, then drag and drop the objects you need into the workspace, till here you can see the design that you have made.

 Home Designer  is a software that we can use to make 3D design especially home. For us who are familiar with CAD software such as Autocad or Sketchup, would have been familiar with what the picture and how the manufacture technique. It provides plenty of settings options for each element in the project is applied, so that the project can be fully customized to your own vision and needs. For example, the same display mode of the building, apart from the choice between a 2D option and 3D also, very rich list of options, including the position of the Sun with its tint or simulate a specific time zone.

Features :

  • Plan roof-mounted photovoltaic installations easily
  • Mirror objects and 2D symbols with ease
  • Native 64-bit support – more speed, more stability
  • More intuitive with multifunctional ribbons
  • Smart, well-structured open and save also dialogs with details view
  • Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used features
  • Advanced project diagnosis tool: Find and fix errors with ease
  • Design views: 2D, 3D, Cross-section
  • 3D constructions: 7 primitives, extrusion/rotation/sweep/subtraction solids
  • Building components: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, openings, slots, skylights, solar elements, chimneys, beams
  • Measurements: Metric and imperial with precise dimensions
  • Input aids: Customizable reference points, construction aids, angle grid
  • Also Exterior lighting simulation
  • Freely positionable camera and also viewing angles

What′s New :

  • Furnishing included
    What will your finished house look like? Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6 includes everything from doors, windows, balconies and carports to sanitary and electrical installations including photovoltaic elements to give you a realistic impression of your future home!
  • Millions of ready-to-use objects for perfect furnishing results
    supports the loading and editing and saving of various new 3D object formats. This gives you access to millions of 3D objects! Simply import them and add them to your designs! With support for Google Sketchup or Collada models, you can now instantly use numerous generic and brand-specific models.
  • Plan photovoltaic installations with ease!
    Comfortable input aids help you plan sophisticated photovoltaic systems in minutes. For roof-mounted system, you can already specify their layout, select modules from the object catalog and their placement during the setup phase. The program will automatically determine the settings for the roof as soon as you point at the target side. Once configured, the photovoltaic installation will be added to your plan.
  • Redecorate and view results instantly
    Ashampoo Home Designer  is also an indispensable tool for redecoration. Rearrange furniture and decoration and take the virtual tour to make sure everything fits together harmoniously. This spares you nasty surprises and disappointment. Thanks to the huge selection of furniture and decorative items as well as plants, there are no limits to your creativity.
  • Complex calculations? Let the program do it for you!
    Whether it’s angle, length, area or volume calculations – you focus on the design, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 6 does the math.
  • Fascinating 3D previews
    The phenomenal 3D view allows you to take a virtual tour through your buildings – long before the first stone is laid. Move freely through your future home and take advantage of the realistic light and shadow simulation to find the perfect spots for your furniture. Get a glimpse of the way your future projects will look like today!
  • Fast and intuitive
    Ashampoo  uses a ribbon toolbar that groups all functions logically and thematically. This means you can quickly access each feature and since the program is optimized to make the best use of your system resources, even complex calculations and animations happen in a matter of seconds.
  • Your vision, your home – perfectly planned
    With the new Ashampoo  your possibilities are endless! Millions of objects importable free of charge help you plan and realize any and every idea. Photovoltaic installations now support roof installations and raster elements greatly facility the creation of 3D elements. Mirror symbols and objects for the perfect fit, calculate areas instantly and discover many more details that will make your work so much easier and so much better!

How to Install :

1- First of all,  Install program.

2- Then, Merge the provided reg entry.

3- After that, Block program in firewall and don’t let it go online.

4- Finally, Enjoy It!

System requirements:
  • Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 1.2 GHz multi-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1.7 GB disk space


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