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Advanced Installer Architect 2022 v19 is an advanced application that enables installing setup files easier. You can install now variety of setup programs with one click with ease. Advanced Installer Architect creates setup files from simple exe file. The software works on all windows sysems including windows vista. The software offers an intuitive user workflow inerface that makes its batch processing easier for beginners as well as professional users. You can now mount the installation file in both EXE and MSI formats through Advanced Installer Architect keygen. Moreover, the program supports multiple languages including italien, french, english, germany etc. This software is the most famous software for creating setup for various applications. You can also download Adobe illustrator 2022 Free From Here.

Advanced Installer Architect 2022 V19 free download is able to put the bachelor’s manager and the serial request to install the program. You can also insert text for display at the time of installation, to put the description to the user, and even the other features of the program. There are tens of features Installer Architect Crack provides. After installing this program, you will explore variety of features the program includes.


  • Repackager: Easily capture, customize, and repackage existing installations in MSI packages. Upgrade the old settings to Windows Installer technology.
  • Application Virtualization: Full support for Microsoft application virtualization technology. Easily create App-V packages for your software, take advantage of all the benefits of virtualization.
  • Control VMware instances from Repackager: Choose between capturing the development engine or the VMware virtual machine.
  • Microsoft App-V Editor: Open the existing App-V 5.x package with the advanced installer, edit, and save changes from the user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Control Hyper-V instances of Repackager: Choose between capturing the development engine or the Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • Microsoft App-V Import: Create an installation package by importing an existing App-V package. The transition has never been easier.
  • MSI Quick-Edit: Quickly transform or modify an existing MSI package directly from the advanced installation GUI.
  • VMware ThinApp: Full support for VMware ThinApp technology. Easily create a virtualized version of your application from your installer.
  • SCCM deployment support: Connect remotely to your SCCM server and use packages without leaving the advanced installation GUI.
  • Import ThinApp: A new type of project to help you create installation packages from existing ThinApp project folders.
  • MSIX Modification Package: Extend and update your MSIX package. Separate your main application package from its updates, speeding up Windows 10 updates.
  • MSIX (AppX): Desktop App Converter – Captures the installation of all Win32 / .NET desktop applications, with a full or silent user interface, and converts them into an MSIX (AppX) package.
  • MSI: Define valid MSI settings for your application by following all written and unwritten Windows Installer rules.
  • UAC: Create an installer that works perfectly on Windows 10 / 9 / 8/7 / Vista that supports their security model.
  • Improvements: Detects and updates old versions of your product installed on users’ machines. Prevent the installation of new ones.
  • Side by Side: Create packages for different versions of your application that can be installed simultaneously and run side by side.
  • Import: Import from Visual Studio, InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS, and the usual MSI / MSM package.

Bug fixes:

  • The property-based folder looks empty if its child folder does not contain files.
  • Browse Databases should return an error message for wrong credentials.
  • MSIX build operation trigger SignTool Error: This file format cannot be signed because it is not recognized.
  • Registry key preserve operation replaces linefeed character with a NULL character.
  • Invalid network share address is set when the connection to shared folders fails.
  • Components’ GUIDs are not changed automatically when a side-by-side package is built from the command line.
  • Database Server Connection Test Ribbon Button doesn’t work.
  • Stack Trace error when changing theme.
  • Windows Firewall configuration fails when “Enable Remote Desktop” is set.
  • “LanguageDlg” is displayed when the option is not checked.
  • Visual Studio extension error when selecting the Spring theme.
  • 64bit setup: APPDIR not correctly redirected when using the InstallTypeDlg dialog.
  • Repackager fails to launch on Hyper-V virtual machines with Internal switch network.
  • The components get duplicated when trying to share a sub-feature with another feature.
  • Crash when adding “SQLServerConnectionDlg” if an SQL Server Browse already exists.
  • The checkbox in the “Translations” view stays enabled after disabling the parent radio button.
  • “Do not overwrite” folder being added as a subfolder of original on upgrade.
  • Scheduled Task fails to manually start under the configured user account.
  • “LanguageDlg” is not displayed correctly when using the Air theme.
  • EXE Bootstrapper locks closed installation.
  • Prerequisite failure when setup is archived using LZMA.

How to install:

  1. Install the software.
  2. Do not run the software, and close it when it is placed next to the clock.
  3. Copy the contents of the Patch folder to the software installation location and execute the Patch.exe file and perform the Patch operation.
  4. Software Run.


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